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Our Recipe for Reshaping Lives

The Tomorrow Project Helping Women Create Futures Today is a work-readiness training program in San Diego, CA that specifically targets the unique issues of homeless women.

Begun in 1994, the need for such a program grew out of Catholic Charities of San Diego’s 14 years of providing day center, night shelter and housing services for women.

It became clear the women could use more support to find employment, something that would offer hands-on experience.

Thus, The Tomorrow Project was developed to give homeless women worthwhile work that offered them opportunities to change their circumstances.

While at The Tomorrow Project, the women take advantage of skills assessment and opportunities to “learn while they earn.”

This is done through the process of assembling gourmet food products that are sold at our retail and community sales events locations.

Training goals for the women include:

  • Reporting to work on time
  • Following instructions
  • Work cooperatively in a team
  • Solve minor production problems
  • Ensure quality of each product
  • Interact positively with customers
  • Prepare resumes, applications, & participate in mock interviews
  • Develop pride in their work.

Top San Diego chefs partner with us to develop unique recipes that they donate exclusively for The Tomorrow Project.

Your support and purchase of our products enables us to build women’s skills so that they can end their homelessness and improve our training components, product offering, and production facilities.





Why Beans?

Martha Ranson
Director, Homeless Women’s Services
Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego


“Bean soups are the base product of The Tomorrow Project because beans are a basic food for many cultures. It is certainly a nutritious food, but for anyone living in poverty, beans often become the basic diet.

We buy beans, clean beans, measure and package spices to a recipe’s specifications, assemble the ingredients in a pouch, label the pouch, and then attach the recipe to the final product. Each label is personally signed by a woman in the Project. The packages are attractive, the quality is top-notch, and the products are delicious.

The women participate in sales events so that they have the full experience, from making the product from scratch, to the actual sale to the customer. They handle money, make change, converse with the customer, talk about their experience in the making and tasting of the products, and proudly show off the items with their own name displayed on the label.”