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Success Stories That Inspire



I came out of a domestic violence situation. I had never worked before. I was on the streets because I did not have many options.

Before I came to The Tomorrow Project I was staying at Rachel’s Night Shelter. I had given up and was waiting for disability. I came here and it showed me that I can work, and do things that do not challenge my health issue.

I did not find the job—it found me (speaking of Firehouse Subs) and I was so grateful. Before my confidence was not where it should be and I was not really sure if I could get a job or not and it did not look promising and I was not very helpful.

But now that I am working I feel a lot better about myself, it is fulfilling to be a tax-paying citizen and able to pay my rent, be responsible like an everyday person.


Yolanda graduated from The Tomorrow Project in the summer of 2014 when she got a job as a full-time caregiver. On her own, Yolanda is thriving! She loves her busy schedule as a part-time catering server and team lead caregiver.

Yolanda has also had the opportunity to help others in need, which she is grateful for. She says, “The Tomorrow Project helped me become a do-er.”

Yolanda is pictured on duty at a wedding reception in Bonita.




“I’m so proud I’ve been at the same job for a year!” exclaims Daisha. She recently checked in at TTP to share her success.

Daisha enrolled in TTP after fleeing a domestic abuse situation. She strived to get out of homelessness and live on her own. After 6 months of TTP training, Daisha graduated from TTP and was hired for a housekeeping position at local hotel. Shortly thereafter, she moved into her own apartment.

“Through my employer’s volunteer program, I get to help others. I share my story with people who were just like me and never would have guessed that I, too, was once homeless.”


“I learned the following skills at The Tomorrow Project:”

  • How to use assembly-line organization to accomplish tasks more efficiently
  • How to use an envelope budgeting system
  • How to use a cash register and credit card machine
  • How interviewers evaluate me and how to dress for interviews
  • How to reduce interview “jitters.” Volunteers conducted mock interviews and follow-up critiques to assist in preparation for interviews (The volunteers have advised me even after graduation from the program.)

“Through the efforts of volunteers at the Tomorrow Project (Susi Kuklinski, Lynn McBride) I also:”

  • Volunteered at Edgemoor Hospital
  • Received tips for apply to jobs at San Diego County
  • Was provided with reliable job references

“I also had access to a computer and a printer when I attended an RN refresher course. Without this assistance I would not have been able to develop a classroom presentation mandated for course completion.” (Marian is pictured here in her new apartment. )