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Your volunteer support provides the HOPE for a BETTER FUTURE for homeless women. We have many volunteer opportunities available at The Tomorrow Project. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere, get to know our trainees, and have the satisfaction of assisting a homeless woman to obtain work readiness training. Contact The Tomorrow Project to learn more.

We have many volunteer opportunities available at The Tomorrow Project. You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere, getting to know our trainees, and having the satisfaction of assisting a homeless woman to obtain job-readiness training.

Work with our Trainees at our Production Location

You could be a part of our production team. This is what you would do:

  • Help the women with soup production, piecework, and quality assurance
  • Provide specialized training such as resume writing, customer service, use of cash register, and time management skills
  • Assist with making gift baskets

Sell Our Products at Your Church, Business, Club, or Networking Asociation

You could be a part of our outside sales team. We will assist you by:

  • Providing products for you to sell
  • Providing the order forms and price information for ordering
  • Filling the orders for you
  • Arranging for delivery or pickup of the orders

Assist at Sales Events

You could be a part of our weekend events sales team. You would help us:

  • Set up at the farmers markets, or at church venues
  • Staff a booth and sell products
  • Interact with our staff and our participants

Give a Tomorrow Party

You would give a Tomorrow Party at your home and:

  • Invite your friends and neighbors
  • Pick up our party kit that contains supplies and complete instructions on giving your “Tomorrow Party”
  • Cook one of our gourmet food products to enjoy while promoting The Tomorrow Project
  • Your guest will complete the order form and The Tomorrow Project will fill all orders for pickup

Your volunteer support will provide the HOPE for a BETTER FUTURE for homeless women. Contact The Tomorrow Project today!

SheilaOMalley2“Throughout my life, I have had the support and help of others to achieve my goals. It is in gratitude for this, and for the opportunities that have resulted, that bring me to volunteer at The Tomorrow Project. The women, who are enrolled in this unique and special program, need support and help in achieving their goals of gainful employment and independent living. It is such an honor to work with and for them. As it says on our very pink building, The Tomorrow Project does indeed help create women’s futures today.”

Sheila O’Malley

margedeen“For the past ten years my volunteer time at The Tomorrow Project has been one of the great joys of my life. I am inspired by helping women learn new work skills, seeing them cooperate with fellow workers to complete major projects, and appreciating their intelligence and unique creative abilities. This program has helped hundreds of women over the years in ways no other job-readiness program can do. It is an honor to be part of it all.”

Marge Dean

“I appreciate the atmosphere at The Tomorrow Project. The women and staff brim with purposeful energy. I’m delighted when a homeless woman blossoms and displays hidden talent. One may be a numbers whiz while another reveals customer relations skills. TTP is a place for growth, hope and possibilities. It’s a pleasure to enter that world when I volunteer there.”

Anne McClure