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Your Donation Changes Lives

At The Tomorrow Project—Helping Women Create Futures Today—we strive to create the perfect recipe for reshaping lives. Your assistance is vital in making this plan a reality. We work with women who have had few opportunities in life, who are abused and prone to violence, abandoned by family, shattered by addiction and/or mental illnesses and have had spotty educations, and poor job histories.

Our goal is to give each woman the necessary skills to become self-reliant and to realize her potential to be a productive individual in our community.

In a production setting the women assemble gourmet food products and other assembly projects—giving them the basic skills necessary to build confidence and hope. This conveys a strong message—that both she and her efforts are valued.

Through production assembly, individual coaching, and didactic classes, the women learn valuable work skills including achieving quality assurance, following a directed process, team work, and solving minor production problems.

The Tomorrow Project uses your support to provide training and classes to the women, and to cover operating costs. Since The Tomorrow Project was established in 1994, we’ve had many success stories. Women have participated in a work environment for the first time. Women have transitioned successfully into the workplace. Women received life skills training and other training to help end her homelessness.



Testimonials from Our Supporters

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with two associates from The Tomorrow Project, Bernice and Gabby who have been a part of the Firehouse Subs crew since we opened for business December 29, 2012.

We haven’t had to hire a single new employee since the initial orientation 13 months ago.

I look forward to the future when the need arises to hire new associates so I am again call on The Tomorrow Project for quality employees.

We’ve had a wonderful partnership experience and are thankful to be involved with such a great cause.”

Charlie Glanding
Charlie Glanding
Firehouse Subs

As a small business owner, I felt like businesses in our San Diego area should get involved.

This year (2008) I have employed three of the women from The Tomorrow Project and they’re making such good progress.

You’re helping someone else to have a better tomorrow. And purchasing their products and giving them to your family and your friends—that’s what you’re doing.

You’re assuring that they are going to have a tomorrow.

Patsy Trice
Taylor Research

“Voices of Women (VOW) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to produce and support local and global educational programs that uplift and empower women and children.

The Tomorrow Project aligns with VOW’s mission through its dedication to provide job-readiness training for homeless women.

VOW assisted TTP to gain access to LEAD San Diego who selected TTP for the development of an extensive marketing plan.

VOW collaborates with TTP through financial support and volunteers to implement the plan.

Jenni Prisk